Company Profile

Company Overview

4C Strategies is a world-leading provider of military readiness and capability development solutions. Our expert consultants and proprietary Exonaut™ software helps organisations to build, verify and track the capabilities needed to deliver on strategic and operational objectives. Exonaut™ delivers an end-to-end platform from which military staffs can design and deliver military activities (trials, training, audit & inspections), objectively track real time performance and visualise risk whilst responding dynamically. In service with NATO, the British Army, Swedish, Norwegian & Kuwaiti Armed Forces, and the Australian Defence Force, Exonaut™ provides for true evidence based decision making.

Product and Services

4C Strategies Exonaut™ Software is an integrated end-to-end capability development and readiness management solution that enables:

1. The Delivery Of More Effective Training Plans:

- Exonaut provides headquarters and units with a detailed understanding of current training risk to shape future development and exercise planning.

- The transparent and holistic view provided by Exonaut supports evidence-based decision-making, offering significant savings in time and costs in planning and delivery.

2. Near Real Time Training Campaign & Unit Status Overviews:

- Near real time visualization gives commanders the opportunity to improve performance before, during and between exercises

- Commanders and Staff are able to visualize the detailed current status or competence of unit and understand the aggregated training risk facilitating fact-based decision making in near real time

3. A Single Repository & Log Of All Training Data For Re-Use, Analysis, Exploitation and Audit Aiding Efficient Use Of Resource Facilitating:

- The ability to interrogate and exploit trends in training performance & delivery.

- The rapid re-configuration in-exercise and between exercises.

- The rapid exploitation of training data and support to AAR and subsequent Trg Analysis.

- Support to Experimentation.

- Support to Evaluation and Certification.

- Support to Observations from Training analysis and exploitation.

- Support to Lessons Learned collection, analysis and exploitation.

4. Improved Knowledge Management:

- Exercise staff and observers are provided with better information to support, coach and train units.

- The networked suite aids planning / delivery / exploitation of training and training data better supporting training establishments and the CoC.

- The Suite provides a single, transparent, auditable version of the truth.