Company Profile

Company Overview

Founded in 1975, AMERICAN SYSTEMS is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States, with 1,300 employees nationwide and $311M in revenue for 2016. Based in the Washington, DC, suburb of Chantilly, VA, the company provides systems engineering, technical and training services to government and private sector customers. We possess proven experience in the “Science of Learning” for training, training development; Instructional Systems Design, training systems development, coaching; organizational assessment and training efficiency analysis. AMERICAN SYSTEMS was named “Contractor of the Year” at the Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards in October, 2007 and was named GSA Mentor of the Year in 2013.

Product and Services

AMERICAN SYSTEMS Applies the Instructional Systems Design process to the design and development of all training products and services delivered to our Federal Customers. The delivery of the training indludes a broad spectrum of medium that indcludes “over the shoulder” or platform/classroom training, CBT and Distance Learing Courseware, interactive multimedia instruction (IMI Level I-IV) Immersive Virtual training simualtors; to include part task trainers, Training Applications (Apps) and Gaming. We constantly conduct research and development on new training technology to ensure we continue to provide superior training products and services that are instructionally valid as well as engaging to each new generation of students. We know that now, more than ever, return on investment is a top priority for our customers. As a result of the critical need for cost-effective, performance based training, we have made a significant investment in technologies that allow us to produce systems that optimize the customer’s resources and yield the highest form of return in funding, time, availbility and training effectiveness.

We provide staff and instructor Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection training services worldwide for the US Navy SERE and Riverine, and U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization (SATMO) and SATMO Aviation.

AMERICAN SYSTEMS develops highly intuitive, 3D, virtual, game-oriented, physics-based Simulated Aircraft Maintenance Trainers (SAMTs). We use photo-realistic images and extensive software modeling to replicate aircraft systems. SAMTs train personnel on complex systems by creating a safer, more efficient training environment without the cost of procuring aircraft or risking personnel injury.