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Aptima’s mission is to optimize the performance of humans operating in technology-intensive, mission critical settings including defense, intel, aviation, law enforcement, and healthcare. We apply deep expertise in how humans think, learn, and behave to the goal of advancing readiness. By combining measurement with learning data analytics and personalized adaptive training, our tools provide a successive cycle to measure, analyze, and improve human performance. The result is accelerated learning and enhanced human-machine teaming in preparation for the challenges that lie ahead—for individuals, teams, and the entire workforce.

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PM Engine: Calculate and assess performance measures from data generated during simulation-based exercises to provide real-time feedback. Handles data from a variety of sources, including distributed simulation networks (HLA, DIS), log files, and SPOTLITE using HPML (Human Performance Markup Language).

SPOTLITE: Real-time assessment of team and individual performance in live and simulated environments. Handheld data collection device enables evaluators to collect, access, analyze and present performance data in debriefs immediately following exercises.

Performance Dashboard: Web-based displays and filtering tools for analyzing performance data captured by PM Engine and SPOTLITE, in both real time and post mission (e.g., debrief, After Action Review). Presents performance results as they are captured to provide and maintain an accurate understanding of trainee state and allows timely adjustments to the training environment, as needed, to better the development experience.

Advanced Learning Management Platform: Dynamically adapts instruction to optimize each trainee’s learning during training. ALMP removes the typical limitations of one-size-fits-all training by simulating the mission demands operators encounter, measuring progress and performance, and tailoring instruction.

PETS: Developed for use within distributed environments by AFRL/RHAS and Lumir Research Institute (now Aptima, Inc.) as part of the Warfighter Readiness Assessment Performance Measurement and Tracking System (WRAP-MTS), PETS robustly captures objective measurement data necessary for Mission Essential Competency (MEC) evaluation, end-user performance feedback, real-time graphs for instructor support, simulator technology for engineering validation, and researcher/program manager evaluation of training techniques and technologies.

ACCRUE: Assesses human dynamics within the mission command environment. ACCRUE is a system of data collection and analytic tools that map human and electronic networks and provide innovative visualizations to assess the communication flows and interaction patterns that define mission command. Commanders can now see how their leadership skills can shape and influence the collaboration, trust, and team cohesion required across the full-spectrum of military operations.


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