Company Profile

Company Overview

ASTERION VR is a spin-off from UCO Laval University, we have developed an amazing Virtual Reality tool called ModulMaze™ .
This technology blends VR and reality in a Mixed Reality also called Merged Virtuality, thanks to our proprietary indoor positioning technology.

Our LE and Armed Forces simulations use our HMD VR with endogenic inside-out tracking system, our weapons’s RGB-D tracking is one of the world’s Most Accurate, Lowest Latency, Inside-Out Positional Tracking.

High quality wireless HMD and body motion tracking, make special forces feel they are inside the virtual reality, haptic sensors and real collisions blur the lines and offer an unmatched simulation experience.

Product and Services

ModulMaze™ our modular VR system provides high quality immersive experience and cutting edge visuals. Thanks to Unreal Engine™ technology our developers coming from major game companies as Ubisoft™, are able to deliver incomparable simulation efficiences.
ModulMaze™ is a 25 square meters modular Virtual Reality maze, able to evolve, depending of the Virtual environment configuration you have designed with our proprietary tools.
ModulMaze™ is fully connectable even through upgraded versions. Above all, we recognise that each client has differing needs. Due to our ModulMaze™ , your are able to design the maze you need depending on the area you have.
Through false elevators, ModulMaze™ creates infinite Virtual environments. Clients design Virtual spaces as they need them, and ModulMaze™ updates automatically its settings to make reality match with virtuality.

Blending real and virtual areas gives the opportunity to train during hours in ModulMaze™ without having to quit.