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Bagira is a leading international provider of innovative systems for armed forces and competency centers for all aspects of simulation-based training and implementation activities – always focused on improving its customers’ mission readiness. Bagira is the developer and the supplier of several high technology simulation systems, while also has the advantage of conducting the actual training of units using those simulators. The constant feedback and flow of multinational experience-based information between the instructors and the developers is valuable and enables us to thrive from on-going improvement of our simulators, ensuring the best possible training in simulation for the defense forces worldwide.

Product and Services

MAGNET - an infantry tactical training system simulates the use of a real weapon regardless of location, without using neither real nor blank ammunition and with no safety limitations. Based on laser technology, the MAGNET system contains a player’s unit packed in a magazine which offers the ability to control, manage, and monitor the trainees during a firing event simulation (sound, light, amount of ammunition & laser operation) and connectivity with the control station (GPS & communication), while providing advanced After Action Review (AAR) capabilities. The system is controlled by a specially tailored Instructor Field App (IFA), an innovative approach to infantry tactical live training for AAR. This Android based app is easy to use and an efficient solution for the training cycle, in which the users can also bring trainees "back to life", “re-supply” trainees ammunition, and send voice messages to a specific trainee or to all trainees.

JOBSS – (JOint fires Battle Space Simulator) is a training platform for call-for-fire, surveillance, intelligence and fire direction processes. JOBSS supports forces training through all stages of the Joint Fires mission at all levels, from individuals up to the brigade and task force fire support centres. JOBSS includes representation of the full Battlespace; enemy and own forces, civilian population, UAVs, combat helicopters, air to ground, navy and artillery and it employs SMEs and VMEs (Simulated & Virtual Military Equipment) for the most realistic training and advanced AAR (After Action Review) abilities.

BreakPoint™ - a virtual platform which enables training in the context of various comprehensive scenarios, involving numerous trainees at different levels, from the micro-tactical level up to the strategic level. The system covers all of the activities associated with the training exercise – from the planning stage through implementation to the After Action Review (AAR) & the debriefing stage.


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