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BRUNNER develops and manufactures innovative control loading systems that enables software-driven and fully configurable solutions with an accurate force feedback, allowing the precise representation of haptic man-machine interaction.

As such, our products and components are valuable building blocks in our customer’s successful systems, in automation, robotics or in flight simulators for pilot training at an unique price-performance ratio.

Our yokes, rudders, sticks and motion platforms are used and most appreciated by customers worldwide. Therefore we stand to support customers from enthusiasts, flight schools, professional simulation builders to Armies in order to train their skills and abilities with the highest standards possible.

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Every pilot in a cockpit, regardless if he fly’s a commercial Airliner, a modern Helicopter or even the most complex Space Shuttle, uses his hands and feet for interacting and controlling the aircraft. Yoke and Rudder, Cyclic and Collective or the Side-Stick in modern Fly-by-Wire environments: each of this aircraft control elements provide the pilot with a very type-specific and unique feedback in movement and forces.

That’s why the ability of a most realistic and precise replication of these physical men-machine interactions is one of the dominant quality factor in modern Flight Simulators.

BRUNNER VR-Motion 200, 6-DOF Training Platform.

Our newest innovation the BRUNNER VR-Motion 200 Platform combines cutting edge Virtual Reality technology with powerful dynamic motion enriched Virtual Training environments. The powerful combination of talent and competence between VRMotion, the University of Rapperswil (HSR) and BRUNNER creates powerful and affordable simulation solutions for applications like aircraft , military ground vehicle or car simulators. The unique single frame precision motion compensation in combination with the HTC Vive glasses allows a perfect VR immersion. The highly advanced and latency-free Motion
Cueing Algorithms with in-ear-simulation generates best Motion Experience available and sets Industry standards. The powerful VRMotion Software Environment allows easy integration and configuration for a multitude of simulation packages and platforms.

Beside the VR Application, the 6DOF platform is very flexible and can easily be equipped with a cockpit and screen frame if VR is not the first joyce. Compact and light for easy transportation and quick set up are other key factors for customers with marketing and event business in mind.