Company Profile

Company Overview

Since 1982, Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. (BCG) has been a prominent provider to the maritime training and simulation community. BCG designs custom hardware and software solutions for use by Naval, Coast Guard, and merchant mariner training facilities and by manufacturers of maritime systems. Our products range from complex hardware/software radar signal generators to software-only virtual radio panels. We support simulation of radar, electronic chart systems, ship sensors, ship steering controls, Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems and a wide range of communication devices.

Product and Services

BCG offers the following products or solutions:

1) Radar stimulation and emulation products. Our emulations are based on real radars that are commonplace in the maritime world (i.e. Furuno’s FAR 21X7 or Northrop Grumman’s BridgeMaster-E radars).

Our radar stimulation hardware is capable of modeling the radar antenna signals of numerous real world radars for accurate shore-based testing and configuration as well as training on shipboard radar equipment for those customers that want to provide real radars for their students.

2) Custom communications simulation tailored to meet the customers’ needs for maritime or land based communications equipment.

3) Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) simulation that emulates real radios and communication devices in a software environment. This enables the students to familiarize themselves with the operation of devices they will see onboard ships after training.

4) Desktop ship simulators that provide a multi-purpose training package capable of completing several different IMO/STCW courses in one classroom on a single set of computers. The package includes a visual channel application, one of our ARPA/Radar emulations, an IMO approved Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), and student steering controls.