Company Profile

Company Overview

CINOPTICS is an applications oriented company with a solid background and partnership network to provide generic and specialised Near to Eye display solutions. CINOPTICS is a Dutch Limited Company.
CINOPTICS produces affordable, high-end, Head Mounted Displays to facilitate existing and emerging Training & Simulation markets.
CINOPTICS has been serving the Industry since 1997 with a comprehensive knowledge of electronic optics, experience in system integration for motion capture solutions, manufacturing and installation of turnkey systems

Product and Services

CINOPTICS solutions includes the: AIRO; AIRO II; AIRO III AIRO Helm Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays and the Cobalt & Argon SVB Virtual Reality Displays.

Custom defence solutions include the design and development of our Full Colour Simulated Helmet Mounted Sight Display (StormCloud), Simulated Night Vision Googles (DUSK), Simulated Virtual Binoculars (ARGON) and Handheld Viewer conform MIL_STD (ARTIC), all designed to meet the specific requirement of our customers.