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Company Overview

Conflict Kinetics specializes in Synthetic Technology/Human Performance for Small Arms Weapons Training. CK holds 4 Patents in Pro-Sports based Human Performance Optimization Methods and Processes. These “technologies” are also used for testing & evaluation, language training, mapping, mission planning and rehearsal. CK software allows for rapid customization to support command and unit TTPs, METLs, and Programs of Instruction. Conflict Kinetics works with DoD, SOF and GPF, as well as Federal Agencies. CK provides an innovative and dynamic solution to small arms virtual simulation with proven transition to live fire. We offer mobile trainings, training centers and systems installations in CONUS/OCONUS locations.

Product and Services

Conflict Kinetics offers a unique and proven solution for building individual and squad level capability in combat readiness, lethality and survivability. CK has designed and created a new technology called “Synthetic Marksmanship Training,” which is a radically different approach to using “simulation.” CK built the training platform on an enterprise level database, not a video game engine, focusing on performance data first. By placing the emphasis on the performance results and data versus “what is on the screen/graphics”, this novel approach allows for the rapid adaptation of specific customer training goals into CK’s continually evolving Synthetic Programs of Instruction (POI’s). Once adapted to specific end users, CK enhances a teams’ POI with patented pro-sports overload methods known as Plus Life Speed™ designed to exceed what is expected from current marksmanship, unit level, and threat recognition training. The bar for this technology is not set as equal to live fire; it is set above what is possible via a live fire range. The result of CK’s Synthetic Training approach is precise squad lethality and improved individual survivability.

CK's Gunfighter Gym improves confidence, shooter mechanics, target acquisition and reaction time. This is demonstrated in trainees' ability to see targets faster, properly react faster and hit targets faster. The Gunfighter Gym is a series of human performance devices arranged to deliver a circuit training approach. This circuit approach leads to mastery of desired skills resulting in increased combat preparedness in less time, without the need for live ammunition and its associated costs. Based on results, entire commands have moved their training to our systems and only confirm on the live fire range. An additional benefit of CK's program is rich, customizable performance data that delivers analytics to perform the trend analysis needed to continually hone the program.