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Company Overview

Now in its 25th year, Digimation is a pioneer in the development of 3D graphics and related technology used in training and simulation. We develop turnkey training and simulation solutions for desktop and mobile computers, and partner with leading defense contractors to improve the effectiveness and realism of existing trainers. Our maintenance trainers are used to teach the installation, operation and maintenance of a variety of mechanical equipment. Our high-fidelity small arms trainers teach function, repair and marksmanship skills. The company’s small arms trainer is the world’s first full-featured marksmanship trainer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Product and Services

Installation, Maintenance and Operational Training: Digimation uses hyper-realistic, interactive 3D graphics to simulate mechanical equipment. These programs allow the user to practice tasks in a safe environment, receiving instruction along the way. In the field these programs provide just-in-time training in a manner impossible to replicate using paper or simple electronic tech manuals.

Small Arms Training: Digimation has become well known for its high-fidelity small arms training that is used to clearly illustrate the mechanics and inner workings of small arms. We have added the DART virtual marksmanship product, which uses realistic 3D graphics to simulate firing range type training. The DART system in ultra-portable, weighing less than 2 pounds and measuring only 5x5X3 inches in size.

3-D Animation: Digimation specializes in the creation of extremely realistic 3-D animation used to educate, illustrate, and inform. Many of our customers use animation to accompany proposals or show the inner workings of complicated equipment or processes.

3-D Content: All 3-D training and simulation is driven by 3-D content (the planes, tanks, buildings and other objects. that populate a simulation). Digimation offers two libraries of pre-made 3-D content which can be used in these simulations and save considerable time and money compared to creating the content by hand. The Archive contains 16,504 quality 3-D models, and The OpenFlight Library features 1,583 models in OpenFlight format. These represent the largest libraries of 3-D content available.