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Our Mission is Aviation Safety - Our commitment to excellence enables our customers to better educate, evaluate, and train pilots. Working together, we are improving generations of pilots.

Frasca is a flight simulation OEM for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Frasca has delivered over 2600 simulators in over 70 countries world-wide since its inception in 1958.


Product and Services

Frasca can design, manufacture, deliver, and qualify a complete range of flight simulators from PTT/CPT up to Level D FFS. Frasca's rotorcraft simulation is leading the industry in quality and fidelity including advanced motion cueing and vibration systems, NVG training certified visual display systems, and advanced aerodynamic modeling from Frasca designed and performed flight tests with the aircraft.

Recent fixed wing military programs involve 7 Grob 120 TP Flight Training Devices as Frasca was selected by Grob aircraft as their Long Term Simulation Supplier. Two additional Grob 120 TP FTDs are headed to Dothan, AL for the US Army's Fixed Wing Training Center. For rotorcraft, Frasca recently delivered a reconfigurable Bell 212/412 FTD to the Mexican Air Force including NVG and ballistics training capability.

Frasca has manufactured all of the UH-72 Lakota cockpit systems as a sub-contractor to CAE USA for the US Army/Army National Guard. Frasca supported the Iraqi Flight Simulation Program with 9 FTDs and the USAF Afghan Basic Trainer/Light Lift program with 6 FTDs.