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Immersive Display Solutions (IDSI) designs and integrates affordable cylindrical, spherical, and custom-shaped projected display solutions for visualization, simulation and training. Utilizing best of breed COTS technology from our broad base of technological partnerships, IDSI's display solutions offer the ideal environment for the simulation of highly immersive experiences. This includes flight, driving, ground combat, situational awareness, or any other civilian, government or military operations that benefit from either a panoramic or completely immersive experience. IDSI offers individual components as well as complete solutions for permanent or deployable, single or multi-channel display solutions that are grounded in our clients' unique requirements.

Product and Services

Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (IDSI) provides a range of Products and Services for the Simulation and Training Industry to meet the demanding requirements of end-users in a wide range of visual display markets and applications.

Specific key products and services include:
Immersive Displays including domes, partial domes, toroidal geometries, full cylindrical and curved displays, panoramic displays, single- and multi projector desktop personal workstation displays, classroom systems, flat wall displays, and After Action Review systems.
Projection Systems including projectors from a select number of key projector suppliers, featuring lamp and solid state LED and laser hybrid-based technologies, some with advanced IR capabilities for day/night applications.

Geometry Warp and Blend solutions from a select number of key partners, including both hardware and/or software-only solutions. In addition IDSI provides multiple products for advanced Optical Blending hardware necessary for night training.

Engineering Services to provide rapid concept development of visual solutions using 3D CAD tools including IDSI-developed display-specific design tools for visual analytics, determination of solution requirements through real-world operational task analysis for DORI training requirements, and consultation services for display concept development.

Research and Development programs for the innovative advancement of visual display systems and technology, specifically in the area of innovative projection technology and physical screen image quality improvements.
System Integration of visual displays with customer-supplied hardware and software components including IG hardware, flight devices i.e. cockpits, as well as installation in 'trailer' or deployable shelter environments.

Acceptance Testing for visual display systems delivered to customers and end-users throughout the world.
Installation Services of all IDSI visual displays and projection upgrade projects, through all parts of the world.

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