Company Profile

Company Overview

iTP Ltd are specialists in many areas of technology and engineering training, including
electronics, test and measurement, telecommunications, radar, sonar, simulation
software, and PC data acquisition instruments.

Our mission is to make technology training easy and enjoyable, with hands-on
equipment and software, designed for safe and serious training.

Our vision is to make presentations and delivery of our training courses, second to none, by
employing instructors who are experts in their specific fields of engineering and

Through innovation, technology and a sense of humour, our courses are motivating,
rewarding, informal and enjoyable.

Product and Services

A real-time, bench top Acoustic Systems Trainer - SONAR/ASW for training and R&D.

A real-time, low power, laboratory Radar Training System with EW, RCS/ISAR, Phased Array and Pulse Compression.

Primary Radar Engineering Program - PREP simulation software for Radar/EW.

PC Data Acquisition instruments with Multi-Channel software, producing Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and AWG.