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Company Overview

JVC Visual Systems, a division of JVCKENWOOD USA Corp., is a leading manufacturer of high-resolution, super-contrast projectors for simulation and visualization, and offers a flexible line of projectors with available resolutions to 20MP utilizing our exclusive D-ILA and e-shift technologies. Lamp and hybrid-laser illuminated models (stimulated NVG capable) achieve native contrast ratios exceeding 30,000:1 and low cost of ownership.

Product and Services

Our primary product for the U.S. military is the DLA-SH7, a 4000 lumen, 4096x2400 (10 megapixel) projector that, over the last four years, has been widely adopted for "Fast Jet" training applications. The projector is based on JVC Kenwood's D-ILA technology, a distinct form of LCOS technology. A smaller number of our HD resolution, 2K projectors are also used for less demanding applications, often in rotorcraft simulators.