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L3 Link Simulation & Training is a world leader in providing tailored training solutions for operators and maintainers across a wide range of military platforms. Our innovative solutions provide a full spectrum of state-of-the-art training technologies, including high-fidelity immersive simulations, as well as distributed academic and interactive courseware. We deliver training through any combination of classroom instruction, computer-based training, part-task trainers and advanced flight simulators, propelling L3 Link to the forefront of transformational training delivery that focuses on an experiential learner-centric learning approach. Today we are providing these solutions within the fixed wing, rotary wing and unmanned aircraft systems markets.

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Today L3 Link is delivering global military training product solutions that include:

The Predator/Reaper Aircrew Mission Training System (PMATS). The PMATS is the backbone of the US Air Force’s MQ-9 enterprise and trains every US and allied MQ-9 crew. PMATS also provides an immersive tactical and operational environment, and provides unparalleled sensor pod and radar image fidelity. Instructors can challenge their students with a host of virtual red and blue forces, along with realistic comm links and tactical datalink pictures that will exactly match real-world missions. This year L3 Link begins the process of increasing fielded PMATS for 26 legacy devices to 67 next-gen full mission PMATS, making it possible for the USAF and our allies that operate the MQ-9 to meet their global combat commitments and continue to grow the enterprise.

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