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MetaVR develops commercial PC-based software for simulation and training, featuring high-speed visualization of 3-D content and rapid creation of networked virtual worlds using real-world data. MetaVR provides geospecific real-time visual simulation with the fidelity of game-quality graphics. Users can build high-fidelity virtual worlds with its terrain generation and scenario creation applications and render at 60Hz the results with its real-time 3D visualization application, Virtual Reality Scene Generator. MetaVR visuals are used for simulation training applications such as UAS, manned flight simulators, mission planning and rehearsal, JTAC training, close air support, urban operations, aerial refueling and emergency response management.

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MetaVR's real-time 3-D visualization software, Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG), is a PC-based render engine that enables users to visualize geographically expansive virtual worlds with the latest commercial 3D graphics accelerators. VRSG provides high-performance single- or multiple-channel visualization of synthetic environments, dynamic moving models and special effects. VRSG is delivered with extensive 3D content libraries of more than 6,800 models.

VRSG Scenario Editor enables users to build dense pattern-of-life scenarios with culture and scripted vehicle and character movements that can be played back in VRSG. Scenario Editor provides a game-like interface with tools and content libraries for increasing the realism of terrain.

MetaVR Terrain Tools for ESRI ArcGIS enable users to turn their geospatial data into real-time 3D terrain in MetaVR's round-earth Metadesic format from within ArcGIS, which can be rendered in VRSG.

MetaVR's small UAS, MetaVRC, captures images at 2 cm resolution, which can used as imagery source for building sub-inch resolution terrain for real-time simulation. Compiling this high-resolution imagery with elevation data in Terrain Tools results in a realistic geospecific 2 cm per-pixel resolution 3D synthetic environment that can be rendered at 60 Hz in VRSG.

MetaVR’s geospecific 3D databases include 1 mpp resolution round-earth terrain of Continental US plus Alaska and Hawaii with high-resolution insets of major AOIs; Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, and South America virtual terrains with 60 cm per pixel insets of many AOIs. Asia terrain includes a high-resolution detailed geospecific modeled village in Kabul province, Afghanistan; Africa with a high-resolution detailed geospecific model of Kismayo, Somalia.

With BSI, MetaVR has developed a low-cost desktop JTAC training simulator (accredited by the US Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) comprised of VRSG and BSI's MACE entity generator. This COTS solution enables JTACS to train on a virtual battlefield of geospecific terrain with CAS interfaces.


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