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Modest Tree is an innovator in 3D interactive content development software and customized training solutions. Modest Tree leverages our team's experience delivering aerospace and defense training solutions and gaming technology applications to bring clients cost-effective, next-generation training technologies. Modest Tree's leading platform, Modest3D, provides a visual storyboarding approach to rapidly develop next-generation 3-D training applications without coding or animation expertise. Modest3D cloud is the world's first cloud-based platform to create 3-D interactive training.

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Modest3D is the authoring platform of choice for developing 3-D interactive applications. Modest3D's patent-pending development process changes the playing field for creating 3-D interactive scenarios, by offering a rapid development platform where no coding or animation expertise is required. Modest3D is built for today's 3-D training requirements. Create procedural, operational and scenario-based 3-D interactive lessons, all within Modest3D. Our customers are leveraging instructional designers and subject-matter experts to build content that was previously only achievable by writing code. 

The Modest3D-Explorer software is an out-of-the box tool that will have you producing engaging 3-D demonstrations in minutes. Add 3-D visualizations to 2-D courses. Explorer allows users to bookmark the customized model views, including animations, and then embed the bookmark into external websites or courseware. Explorer provides a gateway for 2-D content creators to expand to add 3-D visualization with ease. 

Modest Tree is leading the way with software that streamlines the creation of 3-D interactive training applications and enables training teams to make advanced, game-based learning.

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6300 Lady Hammond Road, Suite 100

Halifax, NS B3K 2RC

Dave O'Brien