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Modest Tree is an innovator in advanced training solutions and the creator of the Modest3D software suite to create 3D interactive training. We are experts in creating advanced, interactive digital content. We employ mixed reality and virtual reality technology to create leading commercial and military training applications.

Product and Services

Modest Tree is an innovator in creating advanced, interactive digital content. Our training solutions team develops mixed and virtual reality applications, mobile interactive applications, simulators and serious games technology, providing commercial and military clients with leading applications that accomplish their training goals, are engaging and highly realistic.

Advanced Interactive Training Solutions:

Our revolutionary mixed reality applications allow maintenance crew in any industry to have access to training and information right in front of them to aid in the performance of their work, facilitate communication with other staff members, place orders for parts or to get approval for their work. This results in a work process that provides access to rich content with increased efficiency. Mixed reality applications can be applied to a variety of maintenance and operations processes. The Modest Tree training solutions team has extensive experience with creating advanced mixed reality applications for the aerospace and defence industry.

Our virtual reality training allows companies to immerse their employees in surroundings and situations that are too dangerous and expensive to complete regularly in real life. This results in employees being more prepared for the real world applications. Our virtual reality training applications are used to provide highly engaging operational and maintenance training.

Modest3D Software Suite:

Modest Tree is the creator of the Modest3D software platform, providing a full range of software to rapidly create 3D interactive training applications, including multi-pathed advanced training and 3D interactive presentations. Modest3D has been recognized as the software suite of choice by the Canadian Military for multiple years running and is the chosen 3D training development tool by a wide-range of defence companies seeking to provide cost-effective advanced training solutions to their customers.

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6300 Lady Hammond Road, Suite 100

Halifax, NS B3K 2RC