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Ocean Software designs, develops, and delivers Enterprise Software solutions for military, government, and corporate customers around the world.

Our solutions are widely regarded as the gold standard in their respective classes due to their completeness, levels of support, ongoing development, training and documentation. We deliver products that form the core systems behind highly complex operating environments including; Command and Control, Situational Awareness, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, and eCommerce.

Product and Services

FlightPro® is the only Unit Level Command and Control solution that comprehensively supports, and enhances, the complete training and operations cycle. A single recruitment to retirement application, FlightPro® supports the delivery of effective mission execution while establishing integrated training outcomes throughout an Individual’s career, supporting a 5th generation joint force.

FlightPro® allows for increased situational awareness and information superiority through a single interoperable enterprise system optimising business processes to deliver measurable performance improvements. Powerful capabilities ensure your organisation remains agile.

Considered mission critical in Defence & Aerospace environments, FlightPro® improves the communication throughout the Chain of Command from unit to higher headquarters, providing a single Common Operating Picture.

Core Competencies