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Olsen Motion Dynamics is a designer and UK manufacturer of advanced ALL Electric motion simulation platforms for a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Test, Defence, Simulation, Entertainment. Typical solutions include Defence grade G seat motion control & actuation systems with flight model synchronisation to 16.66ms, 6DOF size degree of freedom fully electric motion bases, up to capacity of 37 tonnes from 250kg, speeds to 1m/s and 30g acceleration, 10Hz frequency, also 7DOF with Rotary turret axis for better helicopter simulation. We can also supply Virtual Reality (VR) Simulators to allow a lower cost, but high performance simulation experience.

Product and Services

G-Seat fully electric actuation control system and actuators and flight model synchronisation software solution @ 16.66ms.
6DOF size degree of freedom motion bases - fully electric from 250kg to 37 tonnes.
7DOF seven degree of simulation platforms fully electric for better helicopter simulation