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project: syntropy (Magdeburg/D, Gothenburg/SE, Shanghai/CN, Taiwan & Singapore) creates technologies and display solutions for professional Simulation- and Training and Research Environments, interactive, immersive attractions and fulldome cinema as well as multimedia experiences. Our technologies and products are customized turnkey solutions (visual display systems / media based attractions), system replacements as well as dedicated hard- and software products for professional projection and displays. We are integration partner for users of professional simulation environments as well as for themed entertainment, EXPO, museums and exhibitions. We have implemented solutions in 150 projects all over the world.

Product and Services

project: syntropy is a solution provider and system integrator in the following lines of business

• Simulation and Training

• Virtual Reality (VR) , Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR)

• Visual Display and Projection Systems

• Media Technology, Media Facades and Show Control

• Event-Engineering and -Technology

We offer turnkey professional display and projection solutions for

• Flight Simulation

• Driving Simulation

• Ships Bridge Simulation

• Rail Vehicle Simulation

• Tower Simulation

• Research Simulation

• Industry Simulation

• Entertainment Simulation

• Planetariums and Fulldomes

In addition to provision of display solutions for simulation and training project: syntropy develops and integrates either components for such environments e.g. virtual reality trackingsystems, rendering hard-/software, or delivers total solutions with our partners, e.g. complete flight-, driving-, procedure simulators with vibration- and/or motion platform.

project: syntropy is delivering scalable immersive fulldome cinema solutions and also provides fullservice from concept development, consulting, design to installation, technical support and maintenance.

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