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Train to perform: Land. Air. Sea. Joint.

Effective and safe operation of high-tech systems and platforms requires well trained people. For more than 40 years approx. 1.200 people at Rheinmetall have developed a broad range of training products and services for military and government users in the domains of armed forces and public security, as well as industry customers and educational institutions in the transportation, merchant marine and energy sectors. The portfolio covers the entire range of simulation systems - from e-learning and computer-based training up to full mission simulators and fully-serviced training centres.

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Rheinmetall provides a full range of training systems for army, air force, navy as well as applications for joint and combined training on all training levels in live, virtual and constructive domains.

Key products comprise- 

Army: LEGATUS training suite for Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems in MOUT and other Combat Training scenarios. LEGATUS is unique in terms of its adaptability to any kind of weapon platform and its superior accuracy of simulation effects. Additional army training products include: gunnery and combat trainers, driving simulators for tracked and wheeled vehicles, constructive simulation systems and e-learning applications.

Air Force: The Cargo Hold Trainer - Enhanced (CHT-E) provides unrivalled training for the maintenance, cargo loading and rear cabin crews for the A400M transport aircraft. A full-size replica of the rear fuselage enables realistic training for ground and in-flight operations. Additional air force training products include: full flight and full mission simulators, flight training devices, procedure trainers, rear crew training systems, maintenance trainers and e-learning applications.

Navy: The Action Speed Tactical Trainer (ASTT) is a naval warfare training system for tactical training of naval command staff. The system enables training for implementation of rules of engagement as well as development and assessment of tactical procedures. Additional navy training products include: naval gunnery trainers, CIC trainers for surface vessels and submarines, ASW trainers, ship handling simulators, ship engine simulators, submarine control simulators, damage control trainers and e-learning applications.

Joint: Rheinmetall's Advanced Network Trainer (ANTares) is designed for joint and combined training. It consists of networked and interoperable simulators in land, air- and naval domains. The mobile containerized concept of ANTares allows rapid deployment to military schools, military operation bases and to theatres of operation. Additional joint training products include: simulation networks for LVC training, distributed mission training infrastructure, cross-service wargaming.


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