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Scalable provides network design, modeling and analysis tools, cyber-training systems and engineering support services to commercial enterprises, government and defense agencies, research organizations and educational institutions around the world. SCALABLE solutions integrate simulated virtual network models with physical hardware and applications, allowing users to reduce the time, cost and risks of developing, testing and deploying large, sophisticated wired and wireless networks and new communications equipment and train personnel on cyber-defense.

Product and Services

The QualNet communications simulation platform is a planning, testing and training tool that "mimics" the behavior of a real communications network. Simulation is a cost-effective method for developing, deploying and managing network-centric systems throughout their entire life cycle. Users can evaluate the basic behavior of a network, and test combinations of network features that are likely to work. QualNet provides a comprehensive environment for designing protocols, creating and animating network scenarios and analyzing their performance.

EXata software extends the QualNet functionality by adding a system-in-the-loop emulation interface and an optional Cyber Library of cyber-attacks, defenses and vulnerabilities. This enables the seamless integration of live hardware and applications with the virtual network models for effective operational testing, and the assessment of networks as to their resiliency to cyber-threats.

Unlike traditional virtual-machine-based cyber ranges that focus primarily on teaching students the mechanics of cyber-attacks and methodologies for better cybersecurity, Network Defense Trainer (NDT) can also be used to realistically integrate cyber-effects into physical/kinetic mission planning and mission rehearsal exercises. This enables students to learn how to effectively execute their roles in a mission despite being under various types of cyber-attacks, and allows network engineers and operations planners to investigate different network configurations and functional procedures for optimizing mission objectives. In addition, NDT facilitates exercises that include wireless elements, such as radios, satellites, sensors and mobile data devices, and accurately represents vulnerabilities in the network transport fabric as well as the servers, applications and end-points.

The Joint Network Emulator Library (JNE) real-time simulation platform provides military personnel and defense contractors with a live-virtual-constructive environment to plan network architectures and missions, test new radios in operationally accurate contexts and "at scale" deployments, and train warfighters on operational behavior. JNE provides a rich set of current and emerging communication technologies that include terrestrial, airborne and satellite networks for use in both lab-based and field exercise environments.