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Company Overview

Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA) delivers simulation–based training solutions to the Defence, land and offshore energy markets using skills and knowledge in Naval Combat Systems, Dismounted Soldier Operations and Subsea Engineering.

Product and Services

The Ship Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) Tablet Trainer:

SEA has continued to exploit the modular nature of DECKsim and now supply a Ship/Helicopter Operating Limits (SHOL) training application on a ruggedized laptop. This allows trainees to understand the impact of different environmental and operational constraints upon the safe operating limits for helicopters. This portable training solution enables training to be conducted away from the formal training environment.

DECKsim VR Portable Procedural Trainer:

SEA has continued to exploit the modular design of DECKsim and now offer a portable DECKsim solution which features the latest Virtual Reality technologies and puts the Aircraft Handling students in a high fidelity immersive environment wherever and whenever this training is required. To maintain currency of their Flight Deck Officer (FDO) qualification, quarterly recertification has become the norm. DECKsim enables this without the reliance on live aircraft or for the student to be resident at a training establishment.