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Company Overview

Serious Simulations intends to save lives and improve training through design and manufacture of realistic and immersive virtual reality based training systems.

Product and Services

ready2train (TM) - untethered individual/group training system for tactical maneuver and lethal/non-lethal weapon engagements for law enforcement and military units.
Wireless Virtual Reality technologies - the Reformatter is the lowest latency delivery system for uncompressed video over commercial wireless links. Wireless VR (TM) is an end-to-end wireless system tailored for low latency delivery of very high resolution, uncompressed video, at high frame rates.
Wireless Head Mounted Display - the world's only wireless, dual display, high resolution, zero frame latency HMD that enables human peripheral vision.
Zero Drift Machine Gun tracking system - highly accurate tracking system for simulated or real crew served weapons, capable of tracking movements of less than 1/100th of a degree, and with zero sensor drift possible.
Data Sensing Weapon Skins - enable real individual weapons to be safely used in firearm simulators while still reporting all essential weapon data in real time to the instructor.
Power Butt Stock - provides power and power management for weapon electronic devices in a single power supply, to reduce battery bulk and provide better weight and balance.