Company Profile

Company Overview

SimCentric is a military simulation middleware provider with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. SimCentric develops, operates and delivers on a core philosophy of “deliver a solution, not a product.” By placing equal emphasis on the “push” component of technical development and innovation with the “pull” component of customer training requirements and capability generation, SimCentric’s applications are aimed firmly at solving defined problems and quantifiable capability gaps. This is evidenced by the market leading accredited Call for Fire and Close Air Support application, VBS3FiresFires FST, utilized by numerous militaries worldwide.

Product and Services

SimCentric delivers the following modular middleware applications supporting military training and value adding to the core VBS3 ecosystem:

VBS3Fires FST – In use with numerous NATO and ABCA nations, VBS3Fires FST is an accredited (Nautilus International, Scuola di Aerocooperazione) full spectrum Call for Fire and Close Air Support training software. SimCentric’s latest innovation, “VBS3Fires FST Pro”, takes JTAC and JFO training to a new level - incorporating human and vehicular patterns of life representative of realistic operational collateral damage and fratricide risk.

Ambience – Remediating the systemic deficiency of synthetic environment “ghost towns”, SimCentric utilised cutting-edge AI technologies enabling automated human and vehicular pattern of life generation, providing the urban clutter realistic operational terrains contain. Adjustable demographics, area, size, movement, group ratios, and ability to create attraction, avoidance or flee objects, Ambience delivers a genuine and agile layer of cognitive complexity to synthetic environment training.

CAPE – The Combined Arms Plan Evaluator is an autonomous operational and strategic planning support tool that objectively measures operational plan effectiveness. CAPE supports Decisive Event Planning, Force Structure Analysis, Centre of Gravity construct analysis, Future Force Experimentation and Operational Wargaming in a joint, littoral environment.

VBS Fusion – VBS3 Application Programming Interface (API).

TrainingMate – “Virtual Classroom” enabling geographically distributed training at low recurring cost and maximum efficiency; of key utility for “Centre of Excellence” remote training where trainees are widely spread. With numerous instructor support tools, and administrator functions enabling centralised system updates, TrainingMate focusses on enhancing systemic training efficiency.

MediaMate – A BYOD live streaming application enabling “Single Trainee, Multiple Learner”, low-cost replication of a Rover 5 ISR stream from a UAS, and enhanced AARs.

GUIMate – Enables users without coding skills to build their own Graphical User Interfaces for simulation training, thereby removing the training liability for infrequent users to recall hundreds of keystrokes to utilise simulation.