Company Profile

Company Overview

SOGITEC INDUSTRIES is a leading provider in support products and services through its expertise in Simulation and Training for fixed and rotary-wing military platforms, and in Technical Publications for both military and commercial aircraft.
For four decades, Sogitec has grown, giving priority to innovation and making full use of state-of-the-art technologies to best support customers. The company's aim is to become a world leader in Simulation.
To this end, Sogitec’s R&D investment is focused on attaining the highest technological level. This is reflected by a complete portfolio of products, ranging from CBT classrooms to networked Full Flight Simulators for Collective Training & Mission rehearsal.

Product and Services

Encompassing fighters, drones and helicopters, Sogitec’s range of products contributes to developing and maintaining the operational readiness level of crews and operators in the full air domain spectrum.
Sogitec is the provider for RAFALE, Mirage 2000 and NH90 simulation assets. The flagship product is the Rafale Simulation Center, delivered with networked full flight high fidelity simulators and high-resolution visual systems for maximum immersion.
The centers are complemented with a range of downsized training assets ensuring a consistent training process.
The complete portfolio is:
- Full Mission Systems: High Fidelity Man-Machine-Interface, full-scale cockpit, NVG and HMD, motion systems, high fidelity sensors and weapon models operated in realistic tactical environments.
- FNPT: Lower acquisition costs and Medium Fidelity (interface, cockpit, environment) systems, adapted to mission training objectives.
- MRTD (Multi-Role Training Device) and RCT (Rear Cabin Trainer): fixed base simulator to train NH90 crews.
- ULIS: Lightweight Training Devices for self-service use in the Unit.
- Part-Task Trainer: Entry-level simulator mixing hands-on learning (coached mode) and training (free-flight mode); classes under instructor supervision.

Simulation products are benefiting from specific company main components and technologies:

- RTS™: the “Rafale Tout Simulé” is the new Core System component of the complete Rafale Simulator family, allowing implementing models and software throughout the various training assets and easing aircraft standards upgrades in the simulators.
- Apogée™: Image Generation system for the rendering of high-density realistic environments on OTW and Sensors displays.
- Sindbad™: a Database Generation Tool suite leveraging geospatial data to build high fidelity databases.
- SogitecCGF™: air/sea/land CGF entities, with configurable doctrine-based behaviors, communications, runtime control and weather server.
- SogitecIOS™: an ergonomic Instructor Operating System (IOS), designed for scenario preparation, real-time exercise control and Briefing Debriefing sessions.
- SogitecDMOS™: a comprehensive Distributed Mission Operation System tool suite designed for planning, monitoring and debriefing complex distributed training.