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TrianGraphics has over 10 years of experience in the simulation industry and is specialized in creative tools and services for terrain database generation. TrianGraphics' flagship product Trian3DBuilder is a terrain database generation system with a comprehensive feature set and a modern user interface. Trian3DBuilder is meeting the most demanding visual and technical requirements for real-time simulation and has grown to become one of the most powerful and efficient solutions on the market.

Besides the development of COTS products, TrianGraphics also offers professional services for modeling terrains for a multitude of platforms, as well as software development in the field of computer graphics and real-time simulation.

Product and Services

Trian3DBuilder is a powerful terrain database generation system with a comprehensive feature set. It generates impressive correlated terrains optimized for real-time rendering within shortest time. The software is designed with a special focus on a productive workflow. Begin with importing data from a multitude of standard formats, flexibly adjust generation settings and generate visual databases with additional meta data in various output formats. It benefits from full automation, optional editing features, and the most efficient generation algorithms with optimized multi-core support. Aviation, maritime, driving or infantry simulation - high flight or near ground: Trian3DBuilder is a turn-key solution offering any feature to generate populated, heterogeneous and realistic landscapes from specific or generic data. Using our SDK, the application can be extended to support your proprietary formats or special generation demands. Therefore, Trian3DBuilder can be integrated perfectly into any individual pipeline or tool chain.

Core Competencies