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VT MAK develops software for live, virtual and constructive simulation. By leveraging a strong foundation of commercial-off-the-shelf software products, MAK helps customers construct, connect, and populate compelling 2-D/3-D simulated environments. While primarily used in the aerospace and defense industries, MAK's products and services help customers anywhere that need modeling and simulation to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype and demonstrate. MAK is dedicated to serving our customers by building flexible products, offering superior technical support, and delivering simulator and command and staff training solutions. MAK continues to innovate with new technologies, including Web and mobile applications, to further state-of-the-art simulation.

Product and Services

VR-Forces is a COTS CGF simulation and development toolkit, delivering a powerful and flexible environment for generating and running maritime, urban, battlefield and airspace scenarios. VR-Forces is the only SAF that can simulate at the entity and aggregate-levels.

VR-Engage is MAK’s multi-role virtual simulator. VR-Engage lets you play the role of a first-person human character; a vehicle driver, gunner or commander; or the pilot of an airplane or helicopter. VR-Engage can be deployed as a trainee simulator, as a role player station, an instructor aid, a desktop simulation game, even as a VR headset experience.

Our software toolkits, VR-Link, the MAK RTI and VR-Exchange, connect simulations and enable interoperability. We now support HLA Evolved and DIS 7 across our product line. Whether to visualize a battlefield, plot a course on a map or generate out-the-window and sensor scenes, VR-Vantage Stealth, PVD and IG enable users to achieve visual fidelity where it's needed most. We're using game engine technology to deliver 60hz image generation, procedural terrain and stunning visuals. MAK's DI-Guy human simulation software is integrated throughout MAK's product line, and is perfect for virtual environments where intelligent human character simulation makes the difference.

MAK's VR-TheWorld streaming terrain server connects commercial and operational map and terrain data sources directly into simulation and visualization tools, giving users the ability to train, experiment and simulate on common data, even data used in command and control systems.

MAK is moving our technology to web and mobile devices. We are building on our core strength to enable web-based federates to interoperate with live, virtual, and constructive simulations. The MAK WebLVC Suite provides connectivity and a growing collection of web and mobile applications.

MAK CST is a command and staff training system that simulates a full spectrum of operations at all levels from squad leader through division commander. MAK CST provides realistic scenarios to challenge the trainees so they can hone their decision-making and communication skills.

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