Military Simulation and Training Magazine Awards Program

MS&T’s Industry Simulation & Training Awards is an annual program to recognize excellence in the international defense community.  The program showcases the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to our military clients.

For each of the five award categories, a panel of MS&T editors reviewed all nominations submitted by company representatives. The panel selected three finalists for each category, and MS&T invited all print, digital and eNewsletter subscribers to vote and select the 2018 award winners.


Official statement from MS&T Publisher, Andrew P. Smith:

The Award Categories

Outstanding Innovative Product
This award recognizes training and training related products that make a difference in the military education, training or human performance domains.

Outstanding Service and Support Program
Longer term support programs are proving to be essential to developing and maintaining military capability. This award recognizes those exemplary programs that provide outstanding value to military clients.

Outstanding Training Systems Integration Project
This Award recognizes projects that have designed, developed, integrated and delivered complex training systems with a delivery date within the last three years. To be outstanding not only must the project have met or exceeded the project success criteria, but also have provided exceptional value to the client.

Small Business of the Year
This award celebrates exemplary small businesses of fewer than 50 employees in early in their entrepreneurial trajectories. The business must be a non-subsidiary and independent concern. 

Pioneer Award
Within the defense training community there are individuals who have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate outstanding and significant technical and social leadership.  This is the opportunity to recognize their contribution. 

How can I submit a nomination for my company next year?

MS&T staff members will be happy to help you with this.

For companies headquartered in North America, please contact:
Holly Foster

For companies headquartered in Rest of the World, please contact:
Stephen Reed

How can I subscribe to the magazine?

MS&T magazine is available in digital + print formats, and is published six times per year. To subscribe to the magazine click here.

I would like to update my current company listing, how can I do that?

Please contact your MS&T representative as listed above.